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Who am I?

What are my successes in podcasting?

What are my experiences in podcasting?

Microphones:  I've used over 50 microphones that cost between $10 and $1000, including: condenser, dynamic, omni/cardioid/supercardioid, boom, headsets, lavs, and more.  I'm selling some of them HERE.

Recorders, Mixers, & Interfaces: I've used devices by Shure, Tascam, Mackie, Behringer, Sound Devices, Olympus, Sony, and more.  I'm selling some of them HERE.

Hosting platforms:  I've used the simplest method (Anchor/Spotify) and the most complex method (Wordpress with the PowerPress plugin).

Editing software: I've used the cheapest option (Audacity, its free) and the most expensive option (iZotope Rx Advanced, ~$1,200 USD).

AI Tools: I have experience with ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, HyperWrite, Descript, Listnr, Murf, Resemble, and more.

Monetization Methods: I have experience with affiliate programs, merch sites, Patreon, Memberful, PayPal, and more.

Paid Sponsorships:  I've had over 50 sponsors on my podcasts.  I've acquired some on my own and some through commercial agencies.

Paid Subscribers: I have experience with paid subscribers who support my podcast and pay to access my premium episodes.

Recording space: I've created and optimized a home recording studio with simple and low-cost resources.

What can you expect?

Help, however you need it.  I can assist you to start, improve, or grow your podcast.  Or perhaps you simply need a supportive voice to motivate you and to keep you podcasting.

Abundant Questions.  I will ask you lots of questions to best understand your resources, motivations, skills, challenges, limitations, and goals.

Personalized Suggestions.  I will give you suggestions based on what I think will work best for YOU, rather than telling you what to do just because I do it.

Friendly Assistance.  Starting or continuing a podcast can be filled with confusion, indecisiveness, and stress.  I'll be by your side to support, encourage, and guide you.

Accelerated Growth.  I wish I knew everything I know now when I first started.  I would have been able to grow my podcast SO much more quickly, cheaply, and efficiently.  Lucky for you, you can hit the ground running with my 9 years of experience.

What are the costs & logistics?